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Philippe Starck Furniture

Philippe Starck furniture will add a modern, stylish, unique touch to your living room and home. If you're looking for innovative and interesting pieces to add to your home furnishing collections, you should consider pieces designed by Philippe Starck. His designs are functional but so unique that people can recognize them upon sight. Choosing a Philippe Starck piece will add an element of style and whimsy to any room you're decorating. Moderncollections.com has a wide variety of pieces from his collection, including chairs, stools, and tables. You'll find everything you're looking for, both affordability and style, in our collection of Philippe Starck furniture.


What Is Philippe Starck Furniture

Philippe Starck furniture has risen to popularity because of its innovative design and great functionality. Philippe Starck is a designer that creates pieces for reproduction - his pieces are designed and created to fit into your home and be used and enjoyed by your family and friends. His design aesthetic is very streamlined and unique. Many pieces combine different textures and materials, creating a look that's specific to his brand.

Philippe Starck Furniture Material

Philippe Starck furniture is designed to be useable and affordable. You'll find many pieces in his collections that are made of plastic. Many chairs in his collection combine materials for comfort and style. The chair's frame may be made entirely out of metal with cushioned pads on the arms and seat to emphasize comfort. You might want to consider the weight of some of these pieces before purchasing. Phillip Starck furniture is also often made with recyclable materials, the chairs are made of materials that were recycled and then can be recycled when you're finished with it.

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Cooper Wood Dining Chair - Silver Legs
Cooper Wood Dining Chair - Silver Legs
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Philippe Starck Furniture Inspiration

A lot of Philippe Starck furniture has a vintage industrial feel to the pieces. Many pieces are recreations and adaptations of furniture that is no longer made. For example, Philippe Starck recreated a chair that was first designed in 1944 for military use. The original chairs were constructed by Navy engineers, and required 77 steps to put together. Starck took inspiration and recreated this chair, but added the comfort of upholstered leather and padding, thus making the design accessible to people who want to add an industrial flair to their home. Many pieces combine modern materials with vintage design. For example, Starck has created a 'Victorian' chair with a high and rounded back. The design looks very royal and regal, but the material is transparent polycarbonate. The chair looks like it's made of plastic, but it's actually quite elegantly designed to be reminiscent of antique seating collections. Philippe Starck furniture is a great way to diversify and bridge the gap between modern and vintage for an interesting aesthetic in your home.

Buying Tips for Philippe Starck Furniture

When thinking about purchasing Philippe Starck furniture, be sure to consider your pieces as investment pieces. These high quality pieces are so stylized that they can make all the difference in the theme of your room or home. They will last long and be in your home for years to come, so be sure to commit to a style and think about how you will decorate your home based around these unique pieces. You may consider using furniture designed by Philippe Starck as an accent piece, something that stands out amongst a more simplistic design, or you may want to create a whimsical and unique room full of interesting furniture. Before buying, consider the atmosphere and feel you want to create with your new furniture. Moderncollections.com carries only the highest quality furniture, you'll find Philippe Starck furniture at an affordable price and be able to design the contemporary home you've envisioned.