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Wood Coffee Tables

You've spent a long time bringing your modern style den or living room together and it's only missing one key piece - the modern wood coffee table. In most sitting areas, the coffee table rules over the room as the focal point, the place around which visitors will sit, gather and converse. It's important that this visual piece of furniture meshes well with the rest of your decorating scheme. ModernCollections.com has pulled together over one hundred of the most stylish in modern and contemporary wood coffee tables to help complete your room. When searching for a modern wood coffee table, we are certain you will find the perfect piece here.


What to Consider When Selecting a Coffee Table

When selecting the perfect modern wooden coffee table for your area it's important to find one that matches your needs and fits your lifestyle. Before you settle on one, consider what function you need it to serve and what it's primary use will be. Will the coffee table be in your formal living room where it will serve to be more of a piece or is it destined to go into a space that is casual and is bound to see more heavy or daily use? The size of your room is also important. You want to be cautious that the size of the table fits the size of the room. Check your measurements carefully as it would be unfortunate to bring in a table that is dwarfed by the size of your space or that makes things seem over crowded due to it's large size. These considerations are important as you decide what type of table to bring into your space.

Choosing the Correct Size Coffee Table

When shopping for a wood coffee table a few things are key to keep in mind. The first is that the table should be slightly shorter than your sofa, lengthwise and should be roughly the same height of the top of the sofa or chair seat cushions - so measurements are key! Once you get an idea of what size you think you may like, it can be helpful to get some boxes to create a mock table to see exactly the amount of space it will take up. Let them sit a while and it will give you a great mental picture of what life with your chosen table will be like.

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Accentuate Your Coffee Table

You've found the perfect modern wooden coffee table to finish off your room, but something is still missing. There's nothing like a well put together table to round out your decor. The coffee table, quite often, is the center of the room - the gathering point, yet it's often neglected or overly cluttered with papers, remotes or magazines. Since the coffee table is on center stage in the room, why not dress it up and enhance your interior decorating style? Are you a collector? If so, add a focal piece to your coffee table that symbolizes your interests and what you are all about. Adding that touch of personalization to a space really makes it yours. A large vase or sculpture that hints to your personal style is a perfect coffee table accessory.

You can bring in herbs, succulents or flowers to proved a colorful center point in the space. One large arrangement or smaller potted plants can bring an organic element to the space. Alternatively you could consider a large candle to bring light, calm, and comfort to the room. Try placing a tray upon your table if the table is large. The tray gives the illusion of scaling down the surface of the table so that it doesn't seem overwhelming.