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Outdoor Dining Sets

If you are in love with outdoor entertaining, but haven't yet purchased an outdoor dining set, you're really missing something. When considering the perfect outdoor setting, do you envision a neighborhood picnic, a cozy Sunday family barbecue or a trendy evening cocktail party with friends? Regardless of what you imagine when considering outdoor hosting, a beautiful and trendy dining set will pull it all together and make your imagination a reality. Outdoor dining sets come in a variety of weather-resistant materials designed to be low maintenance and to last ages. So when you invest in an outdoor dining set for your deck or patio, you're investing in the perfect solution for making your every outdoor occasion a grand success.


Features of Outdoor Dining Sets

It could be said that the single best feature of an outdoor dining set is it's flexibility. Outdoor tables come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and uses for whatever your specific preferences or tastes may be. You can choose from everything from cozy bistro tables - perfect for cozy and romantic outdoor soirees for two - to large rectangular tables that will easily seat up to eight or ten of your favorite people for a laughter filled evening of dinner and drinks. Because they come in such a great variety of materials, you have a vast choice of outdoor dinng sets. You can choose something with a more traditional flair or exercise your feeling of whimsy and pick an ultra-modern look to grace your outdoor space.

Outdoor Dining Sets Aren't What You Remember

Perhaps you recall the little hardware store up the street that sold patio furniture that was constructed of stretchy plastic tubing that left little stripes on the back of your legs and coupled those with a wobbly white molded plastic table that almost always seemed on the verge of collapse? Or those redwood colored picnic tables that faded to a murky gray after a couple of years and were uncomfortable to sit at for any length of time? It seemed as though there were really only a couple of selections if you wanted outdoor dining. Not any longer. Outdoor furniture, particularly outdoor dining sets, have come a long way. Now available in a wide array of styles and materials there are solutions to fill any need or desire. You needn't lose your sense of style any longer simply because you're moving outdoors.

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Products 1-6 of 6

What to Look For in Outdoor Dining Sets Furniture

When the warm weather hits, the best seat in the house is on the patio especially when it comes time to relax with a meal or a drink. Outdoor dining sets come in a handful of basic materials, so look for the one that best suits you and your lifestyle. Wood offers us some very good choices in teak, cedar or eucalyptus - each weathers very well and if treated with a water based sealant can last ages. Keep away from oak, pine or natural wicker as they tend to deteriorate when left to the elements and choose furniture when possible made with dovetail joints, pegs and dowels, or stainless steel screws. Metal offers us two very solid choices in aluminum and wrought iron. With wrought iron, maintenance is key - watch for scratches. Any scratch should be sanded and then covered with a touch up paint which will keep your set rust free for years. Aluminum offers a light and completely rust free option. Durable and easy care, metal furniture is a great way to go.

Synthetic or plastic cast sets are typically the most affordable. Easy to store and stack and almost indestructible. Another choice is all weather wicker which is cast from a plastic resin. Almost identical to natural wicker in looks, it is simple to clean, fairly well priced and weather-resistant. With these sets, the most important thing to check is to make sure that the frame is made of aluminum or stainless, powder-coated or galvanized steel.