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Media Storage

In this day and age, one of the biggest headaches for design is media storage. Between our collections of music and movies and all of the varied video game media, the storage of this medium has become a big issue. ModernCollections.com doesn't believe that you need to sacrifice style for function when it comes to media storage. Here we can offer you a full line of modern and contemporary storage options that will make it simple to find a place for everything without disrupting your design flow in the name of functionality. We insist that media storage does not need to be boring in order to be useful.


Locking Media Cabinets Offer Style and Security

One of the major keys to modern furniture design is reducing clutter, and what better way to do that than to tuck your valuable media collection out of sight? Most of our designs offer 180-degree movement making access to your collection simple and easy. They also tend to offer adjustable shelving for odd sized cases and containers. Each unit locks up tight to keep the curious eyes and fingers of children out of your collection. We offer various sizes to suit your needs and our styles sport clean, sharp lines that are bound to mesh easily within your decorating needs. Our locking media cabinets offer style and function and would be a perfect addition to your den, media or family room.

Wall Mounted Storage Turns Your Media Into Art

Our stylish and functional wall mounted media storage pieces are ideal for keeping clutter off of your floor space, yet keeping your media collection well at hand. With the work and design that goes into media design these days, why not display your collection in your den or media room, to not only to make it accessible to yourself and visitors but also as a way to show off your varied collection? Choose from the clean sharp lines of a more traditional unit or the flowing steel curves of one of our more modern-themed storage units. Either way, you're certain to find that our wall mounted media storage units fit into your rooms perfectly.

Why Tuck Your Media Away Into Storage Cabinets?

When one thinks of modern interior design, images of straight clean lines comes to mind. The very picture of modernism is a very clean and uncluttered look. Keeping your expansive media collection tucked out of sight is a key element in maintaining a true modern feel to your den, living room or media room. What a great deal of people don't realize is that you can bring a significantly modern feel into any room simply by cutting down on the clutter. Putting your media collection out of sight, out of mind, but keeping it in reach by adding a stylish media storage solution to your room brings it one step closer to that modern Zen you were searching for.

Organization is a big piece of modern interior design. All you need to do is turn on any design channel or pick up any design magazine and you will find that organization and removing clutter are both almost immediately addressed when moving toward a modern feel. Because an uncluttered look and furniture that provides function are so important in the concept of modern interior design, innovative storage provided in sleek and stylish mediums are very popular to designers. ModernCollections.com does it's best to provide you in the sleekest of all media storage solutions. We are certain you will find the perfect, functioning piece to keep your media collection both close at hand and from cluttering up your look.