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Modern Lighting

Modern lighting can really add that unique flair to a dining room or other entertaining space. Today's modern lighting elements are contemporary furniture's best friends. Just as each piece of furnishing in your design layout was hand picked to mesh with the other objects in your room, your lighting choice serves to inspire creativity while showcasing your impeccable design style and savvy. ModernCollections.com knows that lighting isn't just a light, we understand that modern lighting is a subtle way to enhance and glorify your entire decorating scheme, so we've done our very best to include a vast variety of lighting options with the confidence that you will find the exact piece to round out your living space.


Modern Lighting Floor Lamps

ModernCollections.com floor lamp options can illuminate your home with both style and light, helping you to create inviting areas and offering a way to complement your style with great contemporary and modern design. We offer over two hundred floor lamp styles to fulfill any need and match any decorating schematic. We invite you to build your contemporary lighting from the ground up with lighting options that offer flair and style. We offer adjustable and stationary lamps, arc lamps and goose-neck styles in a variety of modern styles from the clean and industrial look to the fanciful and whimsical. You are certain to find exactly what you need in a modern lighting at ModernCollections.com.

Modern Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is an idea way to brighten up a bar or dining room table. ModernCollections.com pendant lamps can add both bright light and brilliant style to your area. With over fifty different pendant lamps available you will be able to find the perfect piece to enhance your area. Suspending from your ceiling by a rod, chain or cord pendant lamps are often used in groups and placed in straight lines to define a special area or highlight a counter or bartop. Versatile enough to provide either ambient or task lighting these charming lamps offer a great way to add a flair of style while bringing functional modern lighting into a space.

Using Lighting as Decorating Medium

When one thinks of lighting, one often considers it in it's utilitarian sense - a medium that allows you to continue your tasks after all natural light has fled. It is not typically thought of in terms of decorating. This is most often true in residential surroundings. In commercial buildings, however, architects have been using lighting fixtures to complement their designs for years. An extremely poignant example of this is the Art Deco style of the Chrysler building in New York. The original lighting also mirrored the Art Deco style of the building itself - a good number of the fixtures being custom created to mesh. There is absolutely no reason why this mind set cannot carry over to today's modern home.

When we think residential decorative lighting, we often immediately think of the chandelier. For many years, chandeliers have been the epitome of lighting decoration in the home but why limit ourselves to one lighting option that is really only suitable for a minimum of mediums? With so many creative and unique lighting fixtures available the lighting itself can become works of art in your home. Consider recessed lighting - most recessed lighting used are the basic bulb and baffle style - but there is a vast array of options for recessed lighting that often go unused. Trims and wall washers, different color options and material options are all available. It just takes a little bit of creative thinking to move away from the usual and arrive at the truly spectacular. When looking at a redecorating or even a remodeling project, take a moment to consider the impact that decorative modern lighting can have in your area. You'll find that the finished result, with decorative lighting included, will be a step ahead of what you had originally envisioned.