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Kids Lighting

For modern kids lighting to complement any color scheme and add contemporary flair, come to ModernCollections.com. We have a variety of lamp options that are sure to brighten up every child's bedroom, from soft nightlights for chasing away shadows to bright task lamps to make homework easier. Our designers are always working to make children's decor more fun, with a focus on safety and style. Whether you have a young animal lover or a Japanese anime devotee, you are sure to find something in our kids lighting selection that will impress your little decorator.


Safety in Kids Lighting

As with any item you place in your child's bedroom, ensuring the safety of kids lighting is a primary concern. For small children, consider strategically placed wall sconces or lamps on high shelves, to ensure that curious fingers won't be burned on hot bulbs. If these are plugged into outlets located low on the wall, block with heavy furniture and child-proof outlet covers. Regardless of age, avoid halogen bulbs, which tend to generate higher than usual heat. Caring for cords is a critical task, as damage and fraying lead to electric shock and cause a fire hazard. When cords for kids lighting show signs of wear, repair or discard immediately.

Styles in Kids Lighting

When selecting lighting for your child's room, you will find that variety of lamp and fixture styles to suit any need. Consider how the space will be used, then choose among these alternatives, or mix and match for increased flexibility:

  • Overhead - Installed in the ceiling, this is a good basic light to illuminate the entire space quickly. Overheads are best for safely moving around, and tasks which do not require fine motor skills, such as are used with building toys or intense eye focus, as with reading.
  • Lamps - These furnishings provide task specific lighting, great for reading, doing homework, and designing toy buildings. Enjoy a selection of lamps in our kids lighting section, which can be used throughout the room for various activities.
  • Wall Sconces - Often overlooked, these provide the best of both worlds: task specific illumination, without cords to worry about.
  • Nightlights - Every room can benefit from a little light at night, so there is no need to switch on bright overheads and lamps when sleepy kids call for you. Choose a low wattage that is just bright enough to help your child get to the restroom in the dark, without disturbing him or her as he or she tries to fall asleep.

What Type of Kids Lighting to Choose?

If you are designing a nursery, consider your needs - you will want soft lighting for some visibility in the late-night hours. Lamps with multiple settings offer an excellent solution, so you can choose brighter levels of light for reading stories in the evening, than decrease to dimmer levels for midnight feedings.

Older children will enjoy kid-friendly lamps at their bedside for reading, on their desks for homework, and for clear light in play areas. While an overhead light is important for basic illumination of the entire room, task-oriented lamps will make the environment friendly and cozy. Your child will love curling up in cozy spots where kids' lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Our contemporary styles will delight your child, with options for every theme and interest. We specialize in bringing your family high quality combinations of fun and contemporary style, which add a touch of excitement to your decorating plans. Our kids lighting is designed with your child in mind, so we focus on both fun and function. Browse our online showroom at ModernCollections.com for solutions to all of your kids lighting needs.