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You don't have to settle for a clunky old fold out sofa bed with the selection of contemporary daybeds offered at ModernCollections.com. Whether your living room is full of sleek, spare lines, or you prefer a more plush approach, we have styles and materials that offer modern seating during the day, then easily transition to comfortable spots for sleep when night falls. While traditional convertible couches require you to choose between good looks and a good night's sleep, our modern daybeds offer the best of both worlds. With luxurious leathers, solid metal frames, and woods in every shade, you will find daybeds to blend with your decor, combining fresh flair with comfort.


Daybeds vs. Futons

While we aren't knocking the simple, understated elegance of futons, some may look for daybeds as an alternative. Futons are paired with a folding frame that, when upright, holds the futon in position to form an area for seating. For use as a bed, the frame folds down, bringing the futon mattress flat. In contrast, a daybed closely resembles a couch when made up, with the back and the sides forming a frame and headboard for the mattress. Rather than folding the mattress in two like a futon, daybeds use regular twin size bedding. As a result, you can choose the level of firmness you prefer, as anything from ultra-soft to firm will work well for both configurations.

Adding a Trundle to your Daybed

When a twin size bed won't suit your needs, look through our collection of daybeds with included trundles for contemporary styling with full size function. A second twin mattress slips conveniently under the first for daytime use, but pulls out and pops up to double the sleep space at night. With our selection of trundles, you won't sacrifice the number of guests your home can sleep in order to gain modern design. Your living room, office, or child's bedroom can be beautiful, with attractive daytime seating that quickly converts to comfortable bedding for nighttime.

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Seagull White Daybed
Seagull White Daybed
Retail: $1,007.00
Sale: $616.67
Teddy Roosevelt Daybed
Teddy Roosevelt Daybed
Retail: $1,040.00
Sale: $640.48
Products 1-2 of 2

More on Selecting Your Daybed

The first step in selecting just the right daybed is to consider how you plan to use the rest of the room. If you are looking for extra sleeping area in your living room for occasional guests, you will want a daybed that blends with your existing decorating scheme and focuses on service as seating most of the time. This piece will get significant daily use, so look for a particularly sturdy frame and upholstery that is easily cleaned and can withstand wear and tear. For children's bedrooms, you won't go wrong with a trundle, as their friends will thank you for passing over the usual air mattress on the floor for sleepovers. In an office, there may be less need for a trundle and more need for storage, so consider styles with skirts that camouflage the under bed area, where you can slip organizer boxes out of sight.

As with all furniture, size matters, because you want daybeds to blend, rather than dwarf the other furnishings. It is crucial that the room remains easy to maneuver, as a too-cramped arrangement will quickly lead to frustration. Measure the area where you would like to place the piece, and allow plenty of space for a pathway around it. Ensure no doorways are blocked, and consider the height of windows, and then check out dimensions and specifications on our conveniently located Product Details tab. At ModernCollections.com, we have daybeds with trundles created from the highest quality materials and designed with an eye on contemporary flair. You don't have to compromise when you shop our online showroom, where we offer daybeds to fit every need.