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Console Tables

Console tables from ModernCollections.com give you the best possible combination of functionality and modern, attractive designs. We have just the right piece to complement your decor, whatever style you have chosen for your home. Our collection includes choices of materials, such as all glass, wood topped steel bases, and solid wood in a variety of high quality finishes. Select from units with drawers for convenient storage, or multi-shelved options to better display decorative items. Console tables are versatile enough to add beauty and functionality to every room in your home, and with free shipping on every order, you can find the perfect accents at an affordable price.


Using Console Tables for Attractive Entryways

Add a console table to your entryway to make a great first impression, as guests will exclaim over our imaginative designs. In addition, you will create the perfect spot to conveniently catch keys and mail when you come in at the end of a long day. You will appreciate a lamp placed on a console table just inside your entrance to welcome you home, and if you pair it with one of our many lovely mirrors, you can enjoy a handy place to take a last look before you walk out the door. We have modern console tables in a variety of styles and materials. You can find options to complement your home's decor, no matter what your taste.

Console Tables for Living Rooms and Dining Rooms

The narrow designs of our console tables make them indispensable in your living room and dining room. For the living room, slide one behind your sofa or couch to hold a lamp for more intimate lighting. Display your family photographs or a vase of fresh flowers to brighten up the room and inspire conversation. In the dining room, you will create atmosphere when you place candles on your console tables. When you have many guests, they can double as small sideboards to give you extra space.

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More on Selecting Console Tables to Fit Your Space

Where you plan to place your console tables will influence which you should purchase. Special consideration must be given to ensure your table is not too large for the space. Otherwise, you might block the path in and out of your home, for entryways, or force guests to squeeze past in living rooms and dining rooms. Extending any furniture into a heavily trafficked area leaves it open to damage when passersby get too close. Before you choose your console tables, measure the location you plan to use, and then determine what dimensions will best suit without interfering with daily use of the room. We conveniently include the dimensions of each piece on the product details tab to make your shopping easier.

How you plan to use your console tables will also impact which to buy. If you expect them to hold heavy art like sculptures, dishes of food, or weighty plants, lean towards tables that are solid and sturdy. For containing everyday items like mail and keys, you might prefer a model that has drawers to slip small objects out of sight.

Consider the maintenance required for various materials, and how much effort you want to invest in upkeep. If you want your modern console tables to come clean with a quick swipe, consider glass surfaces. If you want wood, but don't want to worry about water drips and condensation, choose a water resistant finish. Our console tables come in a wide range of quality materials, such as dark woods, marble tops, and glass. Whatever your need, at ModernCollections.com we can provide the perfect piece to finish your room.