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Modern Chandeliers

There are very few lighting sources that have a more illustrious appeal than the modern chandelier. Chandeliers have long been an inspiring fixture in a room that elevate it from average to impressive. Traditionally used in dining or ball rooms, the chandelier now has a home in any room. Modern chandeliers combine the classic appeal of luxurious lighting with avant garde artistry and the fresh forms of a modernistic look to push the design trends to a new and innovative level. A modern chandelier can be used to brighten up a living room, add classy seduction to the bedroom or bring a bit of brilliance into a modern-themed dining area.


Options in Modern Chandeliers

ModernCollections.com carries a wide selection of chandeliers ranging from the ultra-modern to more transitional or traditional models. You may be looking for a modern chandelier for your foyer or dining room, or perhaps a more transitional look over a grand piano, our fixtures are designed to offer task lighting as well as adjustable down-lighting. Chandeliers can be located in many forms and styles - from crystal fixtures to streamlined modern chandeliers. When deciding on a style, focus on the decor of the room and your dominant furnishings. While you can hang a crystal chandelier in a formal dining area, a contemporary fixture with a sleek metal finish would pair much better in a modern or casual themed room. Offering sleek designs with geometric shades, chrome finishes, and even quite possibly whimsical spindly arms, modern chandeliers are ideal in a unquestionably contemporary environment.

A Brief History of Chandeliers

In their earliest and medieval incarnations, chandeliers were not much more than wooden cross beams imbedded with stakes for holding candles. Through the years, their evolution turned them into grandiose and luxurious works of art that only the wealthy or the upper class could posses. Today, however, chandeliers exist in a wide range of styles and form that can be enjoyed in a myriad of homes and locales. They range today from the classic in crystal bedecked fixtures to the more modern, casual pieces. They bring elegant and beautiful lighting to any setting. Designers and artists are continuing to innovate and redefine the chandelier to meld with the rich and expanding world of design.

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Products 1-10 of 10

What to Consider When Looking to Purchase a Chandelier

Chandeliers deliver ambient and general lighting. Their primary function is decorative and as such one typically pairs an artistic chandelier with other complementary fixtures in the room in order to reach desired levels of lighting. When thinking about wattage in a room, the typical rule of thumb is about 200-300 watts for the chandelier and then an additional 75 watts for the other fixtures. This will assist in keeping your chandelier as your main ambient, central lighting source while cutting down on shadows and potential glare. The addition of dimmers or shades can also reduce glare as well. When selecting a chandelier, particularly one that has many lamps, it's often best to select one that uses a standard bulb - making it easy to replace as specialized bulbs can be hard to find. The typical standard bulb size for a chandelier with smaller fixtures is 60 watts. When looking at a piece with a greater number of lights, 25 to 40 watts are commonly used.

Choosing a size is easy once you consider the size of the room in which the chandelier will be hung. Over kitchen islands, or in bedrooms, dressing rooms, small dining areas or even bathrooms a mini chandelier - which measures 20" or less in diameter - is perfect. A larger medium sized chandelier which can get up to 36" in diameter are perfect for placement in bedrooms, small foyers or entryways, and typical dining rooms. The largest of the chandeliers, which start at 36" in diameter and go much, much larger, are typically referred to as Foyer chandeliers and are best suited for extremely large rooms and halls.