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Mies van der Rohe Furniture

The Mies van de Rohe furniture line is one of the more revered European styles from the early 20th century. The Pavilion chair, one of Mies van de Rohe's most famous designs, is available to the private collector for home or commercial furnishings from ModernCollections.com. This fine, genuine leather seating is the perfect accent piece to your modern home furnishings, and provides maximum comfort for you and your guests. This art form is expressed in the Mies furniture collection and showcased with the Pavillion chair by Malik, making it one of the most desirable pieces from this collection available in the market today. The Mies can de Rohe furniture collection is a limited specialty, and acquiring this piece will not only display your exquisite taste in fine leather seating, but will also define your sense of Modern Style.


Ludwig Mies van de Rohe Design Style

Mies van de Rohe was a 20th century European furniture designer with a Modern flare that was developed long before its noted popularity today. His collection contains essential pieces from the Pavilion collection, and has won four prestigious awards over the course of the century. An architect by trade, he used his modern approach to artistic development to achieve a sense of spiritual enlightenment, which echoes in his designs to this day. His mix of fine leather with chrome bases was considered abstract in a time where traditional furniture was the decor, giving him the upper edge as a Modernist. His belief that furniture needed to flow within the contours of the architecture is manifested through his sleek design and luxurious feel.

The Pavilion Chair

The Pavilion Chair is one of Mies van de Rohe' finest works. Here at ModernCollections.com you can order this unique piece of functional art in black or white Italian leather, or have custom seating designed in cocoa, cream, firebrick, hunter green or limon. These options allow for you to accentuate an existing decor, or you can make this the masterpiece constructing your interior design technique around this incredible piece. The leather panels are constructed with the Capitonne technique which includes hand welting and hand tufting. The 2.5" thick seats are designed with seamless edge detailing, and are custom made for the highest level of comfort. This chair is the paradigm of Modern style and comfort, and is not only beautiful, but fully functional.

Purchasing the Pavilion Chair from ModernCollections.com

When you purchase the Pavilion Chair from ModernCollections.com you not only have the options to have it custom made to your color liking, you will receive a three year warranty to back up its quality. If you are choosing custom leather, allow for an additional 2-3 month wait, for each chair is handcrafted for your specifications. These chairs are genuine and licensed by Casprini, and the frames are stamped for authenticity. They will arrive fully assembled to your residence or business, so you can enjoy the pure luxury of this design the moment that it arrives.

ModernCollections.com also offers free shipping in the continental United States. Shipping usually takes place within 4-7 days, however if you are opting for custom features this can delay your delivery date. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and your investment is protected through our secured shopping system. Only at ModernCollections.com can you save almost 45% off this incredible piece, a rare find (both the deal and the make) in the international market. This European style is a classic example of what style should be, and it will be a sure conversation piece for anyone who basks in its glory. If you are searching for the perfect furnishing from the Mies van de Rohe furniture line, the Pavilion Chair from ModernCollections.com is the seating you have desired.