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Media Tower Racks

Our media tower racks are the perfect accompaniment to a wall mounted HDTV. Our units efficiently make use of vertical space, conveniently storing and safeguarding your audio and video components. Offering units that are open-faced, we can give you easy and quick access to your media components with little hassle. ModernCollections.com offers these functional and beautifully designed units to compliment your decor and keep your components safe and contained. Our full and innovative range of products should meet your design needs as well as offering their clean lines and sharp modern looks. Most of our media tower racks are versatile - with customizable shelves to fit your every need and desire.


Media Tower Storage Rack Options

While true, in their simplest of forms, inexpensive rack systems are simply a cupboard with shelves that can store your media equipment or perhaps a standard chromed wire rack system. But when looking at something that fits into a modern-themed den or media room, we may want something more. Our media tower racks come in either wood or glass and metal - and you are certain to find one that will fit a complementary home in any design schematic. With us, it is easy to locate an affordable and stylish solution to go with any room decorating theme. We offer many varied pieces with attractive finishes that will compliment your home and personal style.

Tuck Away Unsightly Cables and Cords With a Media Tower Storage Rack

There is not much that is more unsightly in a modern room than a snaking collection of wires and cords making their way from an unorganized media center. They tend to pull the eye away from the main focus of the room - the design. But utilizing a savvy media tower storage rack can fix that issue. Incorporating itself flawlessly into your design with it's stylish lines and curves, one of our media storage racks not only will hold your components in one general area, it will also consolidate the many wires and cables needed for most media needs. Take a look at our varied designs, you are almost certain to find one that will integrate perfectly with your room decor.

Why Use a Media Tower Storage Rack?

While you can, in theory, put your entertainment system components almost anywhere, the ideal way to store them is to install them in a fixed and dedicated space. Keeping your components in an appropriately designed storage rack will help to ensure the safety of your expensive equipment while still offering you quick and easy access to the components for both service and future additions. With adjustable and pull out shelving it is simple and easy to configure most media storage solutions to exactly fit your needs. Most media tower solutions offer removable back panels for quick access to your equipment and usually sport a central wire way that will help you better manage your cables.

Long gone are the days of simple wooden cabinets for storing media devices. It was almost as though these storage compartment furniture pieces were an afterthought. But now, with media playing such a large part in our lives, designers have started taking a long hard look at the aesthetics of media storage. ModernCollections.com refuses to sacrifice style for function, and so we've done our best to bring together some of the most functional yet fashionable in media tower solutions. Designer component stands are a far cry from the standard 19-inch chromed racks that used to be popular. In fact, media tower storage comes in so many designer styles and colors that finding the perfect one will be a simple and fun task rather than a boring chore.