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Marcel Breuer Furniture

Marcel Breuer has long been considered one of the masters of Modernism, and ModernCollections.com knows that no real modern design would be complete without a piece of Marcel Breuer furniture. Marcel Breuer both studied and then taught at the Bauhaus and he later pioneered in designing tubular steel furniture. His interests in modular construction and simple forms make his designs quite sought after by modern designers. You may know him best for the Wassily Chair which was designed in 1925. This innovative seat was the very first bent tubular chair and remains the most widely known piece of Marcel Breuer Furniture to date.


Seating Options by Marcel Breuer

While best known for the Wassily Chair which is a delightful creation of polished metal and perfect lines, Marcel Breuer actually brings an entire line of modern seating options to the table. Interest sparked by the curved handlebars on Marcel Breuer's handlebars, an idea was created - foregoing the use of traditional wood, Marcel Breuer focused on the idea of curved and polished lines as symbolic of modern technology. Touted as one of the ten most influential chairs of the 20th Century, the Cesca Side Chair is a simple design pairing leather and other natural materials with steel. Worked in both an armed and unarmed style, these chairs offer both form and function combined into a sleek and modern look that works beautifully in the dining room or kitchen as well as a comfortable reading chair tucked away in a modern living room.

Marcel Breuer Tables Furniture

It was in the 1920's when designer Marcel Breuer began experimenting with tubular steel. Over the next few years he would create some of the most influential furniture to ever come out of Bauhaus. Needing a lower table to play accompaniment to the Wassily Chair, Breuer designed the multipurpose Laccio nesting tables in 1924. Very simple in design and multifunctional, these tables are comprised of exceptional quality materials. The legs are formed of chromed and seamless tubular steel and the top is lacquered and satin finished - certain to last decades. This table exemplifies Marcel Breuer's rationalist and accomplished techniques.

Bringing Marcel Breuer Into Your Design

The inherent beauty of Marcel Breuer furnishings is their ultimate in simplicity. Easy flowing aesthetic lines and basic materials make them ideal for almost every room of your home. It is all too easy to tuck a caned Cesca chair under the kitchen table and then slide a leather armed one into the den - they will look equally at home and function perfectly. The combination of tubular steel and the clean, natural materials used in the construction of his furniture make these pieces a perfect accent in any modern designed room.

The dark lacquered look of the Laccio nesting tables make them function just as well as a combination of coffee and side tables in the living room or as a dressing bench at the foot of a guest-room bed. Because of the effortless flow of the lines of the design, it is easy to pair these pieces with those of other designers with little to no conflicts. What's more, because the style is inherently timeless, you can add a piece of Marcel Breuer furniture to a room that is period themed. The Cesca chairs work just as well in a modern themed room as they do in an 80's themed dining room. The chromed legs and natural lines would also pair in a retro-modern 50's style kitchen - just imagine pairing them with a sleek enamel-topped table! The only thing stopping you from bringing in Marcel Breuer into your design schematic is your imagination.