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Le Corbusier Furniture

Le Corbusier Furniture

Our LC Furniture Collection will add a sleek modern sophistication to your home or office!

Le Corbusier, the great Swiss architect, created some of the world's most recognized classic modern furniture designs. Many of his works were created over 70 years ago, yet remain timeless in appeal today. He worked with materials considered innovative and bold in his day, materials like steel and leather, allowing his products to be made for the masses at affordable prices. This was the first sofa ever designed with the frame exposed on the outside yet structurally holding all the cushions within it. Our reproductions salute the original designer.


Le Corbusier Furniture Reproductions

The classic style of Le Corbusier furniture is still well-loved in contemporary interior designs for the timeless look and feel of smooth, sleek materials and clever structure. At ModernCollections.com, we carry lovely reproductions to bring the essence of these popular furnishings to your home at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for sofas, chairs, or tables, you will want to fill your home with these attractive pieces for both their good looks and their solid, durable architecture. Visit our online showroom for a look at all we have to offer in the style of Le Corbusier furniture.

Who Designed Le Corbusier Furniture?

Charles-Edouard Jeanneret was the mastermind architect behind the beautiful Le Corbusier furniture we enjoy today. He was a pioneer in building design, with constructions on almost every continent. Many of his designs used steel and reinforced concrete extensively, which was unusual for his time. In the 1920's, Jeanneret took on the name Le Corbusier for reasons still under debate to this day. Some say he wanted a connection to a long-ago ancestor, while others insist it is a play on his childhood nickname. As his architecture grew in fame and distinction, Le Corbusier found himself frustrated with the furniture options of the day. He believed his buildings would be better complemented by gorgeous furnishings to make the most of their smooth, sleek lines. Le Corbusier's peers included some of the design greats, such as Charles Eames, Arne Jacobsen, Eileen Gray, Mies van der Rohe, and Marcel Breuer. His death in 1965 was a great blow to the art and architecture community, as well as a loss felt around the world.

What is Unique about Le Corbusier Furniture?

At the end of the 1920s, Le Corbusier began to design furniture, and he was one of the first to work with then modern materials, which included leather and steel. Le Corbusier furniture was regarded as dramatic, ground-breaking, and pioneering in its day, as the first to focus both on efficient, effective structure, as well as fluid lines. One of his first pieces was a tubular chair made of steel, which he displayed in a Parisian home he created. He was also the first to create a sofa that left the frame exposed, yet was still able to keep all of the cushions securely situated.

More about Le Corbusier Furniture Designs

Some of the most famous Le Corbusier furniture designs are frequently seen in high tech advertising today, showing their timeless quality. See these chairs in a number of contemporary settings, easily recognized for their unique design:

  • Basculant (LC-1)
  • Fauteuil grand confort, petit modele (LC-2)
  • Fauteil grand confort, grand modele (LC-3)
  • Chaise longue (LC-4)
  • Dining table & Office desk (LC-6)
  • Revolving chair (LC-7)
  • Revolving stool (LC-8)
  • Coffee table & end table (LC-10)

ModernCollections.com is pleased to offer you beautiful, quality reproductions at an affordable price. You, too, can have the contemporary look of Le Corbusier furniture in your home. Friends and family will exclaim over the modern feel of each piece, despite the original designs being drawn more than 70 years ago.

Come to Modern Collections for contemporary designs based on Le Corbusier furniture that will bring an atmosphere of modern elegance to your home. We choose only the most attractive, high-quality pieces to ensure you can enjoy them for years to come. Our online showroom will permit you to tour a variety of fresh variations on classic looks. From chairs and sofas to chaise lounges, you can find comfortable, functional furniture for every room.