Hillsdale Furniture

Hillsdale Furniture is one of the nation's leading authorities of home furnishings. Formed in 1994, Hillsdale combines talented designer and globally accredited factories to bring furniture designs and styles from around the world that add beauty to any home. A nationally recognized household brand, selection, customer service, and value are the guidelines that have brought Hillsdale to the top of buyers' lists.

Learning and improving on the history of furniture designs and feedback from customers, the company tastefully combines the best in finishes, materials and designs to bring you both beauty and value with every piece you purchase. The artful blend of metal, wood, and leather has given them the reputation for "leading edge" styling and concepts. With the motto "we will win by design and stay on top with service to our customers", Hillsdale Furniture provides fashion forward designs, great looks, outstanding value, quality, and tremendous selections.

When you buy a Hillsdale Furniture piece, you are part of a company that is positioned to give you the very "best of the best" in value, style, finish, and service.