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George Nelson Furniture

If you are in the market for an alternative flavor to the Modernist approach in design, viewing the George Nelson furniture collection here on ModernCollections.com will help to inspire your creative focus. A rare find in the international market, this American designer's collection including plush sofas and contemporary clocks dominated the Modernist furniture selection during the 20th century, and have made an extraordinary revival in the new millennium. Here on ModernCollections.com you can find the perfect accents to embellish the flavor of your existing interior design, or begin anew with a complete collection of George Nelson furniture reproductions and accessories to bring out your own unique style in your living or working area.


George Nelson Furniture - An Icon of American Modernism

George Nelson furniture is exemplary of American Modernist design. Creator of the popular Marshmallow couch, built in shelving units, bubble lighting and knobbed wall clocks, this 20th century designer saw well into the future to create a style that perfectly matches contemporary interior decor. Architect and writer, George Nelson was known for his revolutionary industrial design, which paved the way for many American Modernist furniture visionaries. The simple elegance manifested in each one of his creations can be placed in nearly any existing interior space, accentuating the mid-20th century style with a contemporary kick. The functionality of his creations ensures that even if you are purchasing a piece just for the pure appearance, it will serve a purpose within your environment as well.

Accents and Centerpieces: George Nelson Collection Has It All

Many designers specialized either in furniture, architecture, or accents to illuminate the overall scheme. The George Nelson furniture collection contains elements of all three categories, opening up the range of possibilities to the interior designer to unimaginable horizons. With a broad selection of sofas and chairs for seating, to accompany a wide variety of tables and stands for framing and function, ModernCollections.com can help any designer interested in this American Modernist begin their collection with the most elegant pieces. You can also accent these extraordinary pieces of furniture with accent bubble lighting in a variety of geometric forms, along with incredibly artistic time pieces that are sure to start conversations amongst your visitors. His designer clocks are some of the most notable in artistic history, defining the Modern representation of the word "fresh." The George Nelson furniture collection is among one of the most revered in the Modernist movement world-wide, and is available here at ModernCollections.com.

Creating the Space of Your Dreams with George Nelson Furniture

If you are in the process of updating the tired look of your living room or office area, you will certainly want to consider the George Nelson furniture collection. The elements that these pieces incorporate attract the interest of some of the most traditional tastes, as well as the most contemporary. Because these pieces are so extraordinary, they can stand alone within a space with no additional modern ornaments. You family and friends will be amazed at the incredible taste that you have chosen to decorate your home with, and your clients will applaud your sense of style if used in any office area.

Regardless if you are looking for one amazing piece of furniture, accessories, or an entire set, ModernCollections.com has exactly what you are looking for. You will not find a site with better quality or better service, backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee such as this. With incredible sales and free shipping, you will be able to furnish your home or office with the most contemporary pieces well within your given budget. Only at ModernCollections.com will you find a selection of quality George Nelson furniture reproductions and accessories at a price such as this.