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Eileen Gray Furniture

Eileen Gray furniture was a collection that used to be found only in the most lavish homes around the world. Now, due to its rising popularity since the 1970's, this furniture selection has been made available to the everyday consumer with the help of ModernCollections.com. From the private house to the elegant office setting, these furnishing can add a particular flare to the prevailing design you have already chosen for your interior decoration. Our site is one of few on the international market that offers such a unique collection from this particular designer. Eileen Gray furniture is a paradigm of the Bauhaus era, showcasing the 1920's invigoration with a modern appeal.


The Taste of Luxury with European Chic

Eileen Gray furniture reproductions add an incredible accent of style, from the basic lighting accessories to the seating that this revolutionary designer developed over the course of the early and mid 20th century. Eileen Gray is a name recognized world-wide for her extensive creativity and sophisticated modern style - one that was developed long before the contemporary designs were ever imagined for today. Her abstract style was well before her time, and is enjoyed by the most modern furniture collectors worldwide to this day. Eileen Gray's work was influenced by her strong taste in modern architecture, and has become a renowned item of decor for almost a century.

The Trendy Trend: Incorporating the Eileen Gray Furniture Collection into Your Interior Design

For most of Eileen Gray's original clients, she strived to create the most alternative, comfortable and functional pieces, handcrafted for personal appeal. Today, this furniture collection upholds her original purpose, allowing for the modern individual to savor the delicate craftsmanship of her artistic vision. Originally created for modern women of her time, her style has stimulated the interest of furniture experts from all walks of life. From the Bibendum chair to the circular glass table with steel frame, the simple elegance of Eileen Gray furniture will add a functional masterpiece to any existing interior design. Her cultural infusion combined with innovative design has led to a revival of one of the most revered Modern Classic icons in architectural and Modern interior decoration history.

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Eileen Gray Side Table with Tempered Glass Top
Eileen Gray Side Table with Tempered Glass Top
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Sale: $156.00
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Where to Purchase Eileen Gray Furniture

Finding a reputable distributer of Eileen Gray furniture reproductions can be tricky in the international market. There are many who claim to uphold the design features that emulate this designer's vision and expertise. However, here on ModernCollections.com you can find a broad selection of furnishing and accessories that are selected for the everyday collector from the Eileen Gray furniture medley. From chairs to lamps to tables, you can accentuate your living area with your own creative vision by utilizing the alternative and classic style of this trendy designer. With a style that was deemed considerably alternative and well beyond her time, Eileen Gray has brought an essence of essential, contemporary decor that will accentuate any room or existing furnishing.

If you are looking for the finest quality at the a reasonable price, you can search endlessly online or in stores, or you can make a one-stop shop here at ModernCollections.com to satisfy your deepest desire for lavish furnishings that aren't being sold at a collector's price. Before now, locating pieces that could have the honor of being labeled as "The Eileen Gray Collection" was difficult, but not anymore. You can now decorate your living area with a taste of history and culture, which has endured the test of time. Having an Eileen Gray furniture collection is not only a fabulous, eye-catching personal investment; it is a great conversation piece for visiting guests, and available here at ModernCollections.com.