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Eero Saarinen Furniture

Here at Modern Collections, we take modern furniture design seriously, and as such we do our best to bring you the ultimate in designers. So where would be we be in modern furniture sales, if we did not include the brilliance of Eero Saarinen furniture? Born in Finland in 1910, studying sculpture in Paris and then architecture at Yale, Eero Saarinen is best known for his Womb chair and ottoman as well as his fabulous dining and low tables. He is not only a genius in modern furniture design, he is also a well known architect. Known for using sweeping designs with plenty of curve and motion, Eero Saarinen furniture designs have often been described as almost 'machine-like' in nature.


The Eero Saarinen Tulip Chair

In 1940, Eero Saarinen was awarded first prize in the "Organic Design in Home Furnishings" contest for a chair he designed with Charles Eames. This chair, or the Tulip Chair, was (and still is) produced by furniture companies today. These chairs are produced with a cast aluminum base which is rilsan coated, the seat shell is manufactured from molded fiberglass and bonded with a reinforced plastic finish. It's upholstered cushion is made of foam and has a zippered covering, Velcro fastenings and is fully removable. Sleek and unobtrusive the Eero Saarinen Tulip chair goes well in almost any room of your house and will fit in nicely with any modern furniture design scheme.

Eero Saarinen Womb Chair and Ottoman

Once challenged to design a chair that one could just curl up into, Eero Saarinen did not disappoint. Designed in 1946, the Womb chair's unique lap-like shape is known and almost instantly recognized as a representation of Scandinavian organic modernism. Loved by designers and architects alike, this lounge chair and other Eero Saarinen furniture are most certainly pieces to fit into any modern furniture design scheme. A molded fiberglass shell is covered with foam and creates a single-piece design that perfectly assists visitors into a relaxed sitting posture. The chrome-plated steel rod base is slender and flawlessly polished. Added padding in the seat and back provide even more comfort. And the Womb Chair and matching ottoman come in a variety of sumptuous colors to enhance every decorating schematic.

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Products 1-2 of 2

Decorating with Eero Saarinen Furniture Designs

Form, function and simplicity. This is the mantra of any modern home designer and it was the mindset of designer Eero Saarinen as well. In fact, his pedestal tables and famous Tulip chairs were made with the idea of cleaning up the modern home - reduce the number of legs and add to that simple feel that modern room designers love so much. Rising on a single pedestal, much like the tulip that they are named after, the rounded base of these chairs echo the circular top and gives the entire pieces a certain harmonic feel. Manufactured in both dining and coffee table heights, the Saarinen furniture fits well in any room of the home. Or pair the simple lines of his tables with any number of complimentary chair designs found here on ModernCollections.com to mix up the flavor.

While best known for the Tulip and Womb chairs, Eero Saarinen has a gorgeous line of furniture which would set off a modern design theme beautifully. Used as individual pieces scattered throughout a room or grouped together with others of his work, these simple and functional pieces work exceedingly well. You can also rest assured that Eero-Saarinen inspired furniture are manufactured to the strictest of policies, each piece sturdy and long lasting, guaranteed to be a treasured piece in your collection for a long, long time. ModernCollections.com offers you a healthy selection of Saarinen products so that you can find the perfect piece to mirror your design style.