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Eero Aarnio Furniture

Still touted as one of the pioneers in industrial plastic design, Eero Aarnio holds a very dear place in the minds of modern furniture design enthusiasts. Perhaps best known for the Ball Chair, this Finnish designer has been designing furnishings since 1962. ModernCollections.com understands what a key factor Eero Aarnio furniture plays in the modern designing process and we are proud to offer a complete selection of his amazing designs. Fun as well as functional, Eero Aarnio furniture design is sure to be the most talked about piece in your modern decorating scheme. Bring about a bit of the fanatical into your design by adding a modern piece by Eero Aarnio to your collection.


Eero Aarnio Tables

Many words can be used to describe Eero Aarnio tables - sleek, curvacious, eye-catching. The one word you will never hear is boring. Whether you're considering a Parabel dining table with it's expressively free design and gorgeous fiberglass finish or the almost whimsical Screw table which brings industrialism right into the home by emulating a flat-head screw partially inserted, you really can't go wrong adding an Eero Aarnio furniture piece to your collection. The Copacabana table can be used inside the living room or outside on the patio, its fiberglass construction makes it perfect for poolside use, while technically designed to pair with the Pastil Chair, this delightful table does very well on its own.

Seating by Eero Aarnio

In 1968, designer Eero Aarnio won the American Design Award for his Pastil chair. This overly shiny, unique and oversized chair is fashioned out of fiberglass and can be turned to rock side-to-side or backwards and forwards. ModernCollections.com is very pleased to be able to offer a selection inspired from his wonderfully whimsical modern furniture designs. Adding an Eero Aarnio Chair into your design scheme gives a focal piece to build off of and lessens the rigid severity that some think of when they picture modern design. The funky and fun Bubble Chair would be perfect in either a reading corner or a space-constricted college dorm. Comfortable and suspended from the ceiling, it calls forth a feeling of science-fiction modern function. As the artist himself often claims, "...a seat does not necessarily need to be a chair."

Using Eero Aarnio Modern Designs to Add Whimsy to Your Decorating

One need only to glance at the Pony seat or the Screw table to understand that designer Eero Aarnio enjoys pulling a bit of the fantastic into his design process. He manages to draw in the whimsy, appealing to both actual children and our own inner child, as well as maintaining the clear lines and solid forms of modernistic design approach. The spherical and comfortably padded Ball Chair gives you the perfect secluded spot to read, hold a quiet telephone conversation, or simply reflect - a room inside a room. The use of bright colored plastics leave your imagination room to wander as you choose pieces to enhance or become the center of your modern furniture design process.

Using bright colors and unconventional forms, Eero Aarnio loves to oscillate between fun and function with his objects, ensuring that each creation would spark the imagination and stimulate the spirit without cluttering up the eye. Eero Aarnio is iconic to the 1960s, his designs seen comprised in sets on some period sci-fi films. Simplicity coupled with geometric forms make his designs clean and sharp, though they are prone to spark the imagination. ModernCollections.com strives to offer you the best in Eero Aarnio inspired modern furniture and we hope that you will find exactly the piece you need to complete your modernistic design feel.