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Contemporary Ceiling Light

For contemporary ceiling light designs that are both attractive and functional, ModernCollections.com has a wide selection to provide the perfect complement for every room. Whether you want to keep things soft and diffused with linen shades, or you prefer the drama of all chrome, we can help you select just the right finishing touch to bring the atmosphere you want to your home. We have task lighting options if there is a specific area that needs additional illumination, or we can offer you a variety of contemporary ceiling light designs that provide general brightening for safe movement and basic activities.


Using Contemporary Ceiling Light to Complement Your Decor

As you create your plan for interior design, it is easy to overlook overhead light fixtures. Many are content with the basic equipment already installed, saving their focus for wall color and furnishings. However, well planned ceiling lights can substantially add to the look and feel you want to accomplish, making them an easy and cost-effective way to pull your whole decorating scheme together. A pendant-style contemporary ceiling light is quickly noticed because it comes down lower, meaning you can choose materials and detailing for both the shade and the chain/cord to bring out the character of the entire room.

Setting the Mood with Contemporary Ceiling Light

Contemporary ceiling light fixtures can do more than just light up a room. They can be used to create mood and atmosphere, depending on the style you choose. Increase the sense of spaciousness by selecting several diffused, ambient options that eliminate shadows. Alternatively, you can make it cozy by using warm, incandescent bulbs and encouraging the illusion of divided space. Kitchens benefit from the clean look of very bright lights, while many prefer a gentler glow for relaxation in living rooms and bedrooms. At ModernCollections.com, we have bold, bright choices in modern designs, or a selection of softer contemporary ceiling lights.

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More on Types of Contemporary Ceiling Light

As you explore options for ceiling light fixtures, consider the variety of styles available. Depending on how you will use the space, you might find some surface mounted lights are a better fit for your purpose.

  • Chandelier - The height of elegance, contemporary chandeliers are a modern take on an old favorite. These have branches or arms that each contains lighting elements, creating a more complex and interesting ceiling light.
  • Pendant - Just a single bulb hangs down by chain, cord, or metal rod, so pendant designs are just right for providing enough light to move around your home comfortably. These can range from simple to ornate, with plenty of choices to accompany your overall decor. Consider a row of pendant lights along your countertop or other long surface for even brightness.
  • Accent - If you have a particular area or item you wish to highlight, we have a contemporary ceiling light that will bring out the best features of the place or piece. By choosing to accent from above, you ensure perfect placement of the beam to completely bathe in illumination.

The choice between incandescent and fluorescent lights depends on several factors. First, location and ease of access to the fixture makes a difference, as incandescent bulbs must be changed more often. Fluorescent lights use less electricity and last longer, making them less expensive to operate. However, the downside is that they are a costlier initial investment. Incandescent lights give their full brightness immediately upon switching on, while fluorescent lights, though ultimately just as bright, do need a few moments before reaching their maximum output. Choose a contemporary ceiling light that blends well with both your decor and your need for illumination in a given area. At ModernCollections.com we have an extensive selection to ensure we meet your needs for every room in your home.