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Modern Chairs

ModernCollections.com's modern lounge chair collection contains a vast selection of some of the most chic designs in contemporary furniture. There is small doubt that the perfect armchair or seating solution can transform an area with a modern look and feel. Not only relaxing to sit in, modern lounge chairs are works of art - appreciated and admired from the visual standpoint as well as from a functional one. You may be looking for something sleek and ultra-modernistic, something more retro inspired or modern-traditional, perhaps an eco-friendly piece would round out your decorating scheme. Regardless of what type of modern lounge chairs you are seeking, ModernCollections.com is certain to have the very best solution that will allow you to lounge in style.


Outdoor Modern Lounge Chair

Modern decorating doesn't need to be limited to the interior of your home. You can relax, enjoy and lounge in your outdoor spaces in designer modern furniture. You may be completely in love with the traditional feel of wood, the sleekness of plastics or fiberglass, or perhaps prefer the industrial gleam of metal - one of the beautiful things about modern furniture is the use of materials that can stand up to outdoor use as beautifully as they can to indoor applications. ModernCollections.com offers you a vast selection of modern lounge chairs that are as at home on your deck as they are in front of your fireplace.

Le Corbusier Lounge Chairs - Form and Beauty

Mixing beauty and form, French-Swiss architect Le Corbusier has found the perfect combination of style and comfort with his chaise lounge design. Created in a form fitting wave shape the form of this chair that mirrors the contours of the body making this lovely aesthetic deign also ergonomic and comfortable. Deeming chairs as architecture, the designer Le Corbusier has found the ultimate mix of comfort and style. With a gleaming stainless steel base and lush pony patterned cowhide upholstery this piece of classic-modern furniture will fit into any contemporary modern design whether it be in a home or office environment.

The Chaise Lounge Chair - A History

Part of elegant design for ages, the chaise lounge has played it's part in countries all over the globe. Recently, it's become easier and more cost effective to find replications of some of the more famous and popular designs of the designing ages. Originally from the French meaning 'long chair', the word lounge was actually a mispronunciation of the word 'longue'. Chaise lounges really came into their own in post-revolutionary France and are focus pieces in many paintings of the era. One of the most famous of these types of chairs to make their way to America was Le Corbursier's world renowned 'relaxation machine.' Now you can get chaise lounge chairs in many modern and contemporary designs and styles.

Lounge Chairs - the Ultimate in Comfort

Lounge chairs today are built and designed with comfort in mind, but stylish form is also as important, particularly in the modern design theme. ModernCollections.com offers a variety of hard-wearing, stylish and comfortable lounge chairs. The variety of modern lounge chairs that are on the market now is almost mind boggling. Ranging from the ultra modern to more classic lines you would be hard pressed to not find something that could slip into your decorating schematic smoothly. We are proud to say that our selection of modern chaise lounge chairs should appeal to any design scheme or need.

You can give your area a touch of ultimate comfort and style at the same time by bringing in a plush leather lounge chair. Invest in your relaxation with an ergonomic chair that is both comfortable and stylish. ModernCollections.com carries a large variety of lounge chairs in a vast selection of different styles and designs, you are sure to find the perfect modern accompaniment to your contemporary style needs.