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Modern Living Room Furniture

Welcome to ModernCollections.com the ultimate place to find all of your modern living room furniture needs. We offer the newest in sofas, lounge chairs and futon sleepers not to mention all of our stylish accent pieces, coffee tables and console tables. We strive to offer a vast eclectic selection of all of the latest trends and styles, yet we carry the timeless pieces that accent your home and round out your shopping experience. You will also be able to find beautiful and eye catching entertainment centers, shelving units and even bench seating. Sophisticated and enticing you will no doubt appreciate the rare finds that are hard to locate anywhere else coupled with the more popular styles and designing elements in today's modern living room furniture decorating trends. ModernCollections.com is a one stop shopping venue for everything you may need in modern living room furniture.


Futon Sleepers – Practical Modern Space Savers in Gorgeous Styles to Perk Up Any Living Room

A stylish and versatile addition to your family room, condo or apartment futon sleepers are perfect for smaller spaces where a regular bed or normal sized sofa just won't fit. Functional does not need to be boring with our stylish designs and trendy color combinations. We offer a vast array of fabrics and coverings, so you'll be certain to find something to fit your particular decorating flair. An incredible value, modern futons offer two pieces of furniture in one manageable footprint and a handy spot for unexpected visitors to spend the night. In an ultra-modern design we understand that function is of paramount concern. We're certain you'll be thrilled with our selection of these beautiful and functional pieces suitable for your modern living room furniture needs.

Modern Shelving Units – Gorgeous Modern Living Room Furniture Pieces for Added Functionality

Shelving units can add both character and function to an area easily and unobtrusively. We offer both expansive book case units and smaller shelving systems in glass, wood and metal – or any variation thereof to suit your decorating needs and style. From the classical lines to the quirky and fun, our open shelving units are beautiful and functional. Storage doesn't need to be strictly utilitarian and industrial in nature. Our modern styled shelving units are both functional and beautiful and they are certain to accent your particular flair for decorating and complimenting your modern living room furniture designs.

More on Modern Living Room Furniture Design

Clean and sharp lines with a basic color palate underline the foundation in modern furniture. Offering visitors a zen-like experience when entering a room is often the primary goal to modern furniture design and placement. With crisp edges, basic colors and minimalistic tenancies, modern furniture design leans toward the simple and classy when it comes to look and feel. When we think about modern design in furniture we often think of:

  • Bold accent colors with a monochromatic base
  • A distinct lack of clutter/accessories
  • Ultimate minimalism
  • Chrome, stainless steel and other metals and glass or plexiglass
  • Straight, clean lines

But these are just the most basic themes in modern design, so don't let the convention of modern decorating undermine your sense of eclectic style, actual application is mean to be and can be greatly varied. It is not uncommon to mix various modern pieces to create a decorating style that is uniquely your own. You can easily encompass bright and bold with ultra-minimalistic pieces at the same time. It is also not entirely uncommon to bring in an element or a focal piece from another period or design style to add drama to a modern design. Mixing in a few kick-knacks or artworks that are either antique or bold in nature is a good way to underline your overall modern living room furniture design focus. ModernCollections.com is the perfect place to find a well-made signature piece to use as a focal point in your modern living room furniture design blueprint.