Dylan Gold

Dylan Gold creates unique hand-crafted furniture with a twist -- pieces that enhance the experience of your everyday life by challenging the mundane and conventional. His work is guided by three underlying principles: thought-provoking design, precision craftsmanship, and environmental awareness. The foundation for this outlook was laid early. As a child in San Diego, he excelled in the arts. His mother, a master of drawing, brushwork, and glass, fed this initial love with endless supplies, classes, and instruction, fostering a style and design methodology that permeate his work today. His parents were also proponents of conserving, composting, and re-using far before ''green'' was fashionable. After receiving a BA in Applied Art and Design from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, he went to work as a graphic designer in the software industry. After several years in the corporate world he came to realize his creative drive was not satisfied by commercial art. In his free time, he sketched furniture designs. He had a seemingly endless stream of ideas, which he started producing in his living room and eventually in a shared shop space near his home in San Francisco.